Are You Stuck on “Gotta Do It All”?

Are You Stuck on “Gotta Do It All”?

(Annoying, but it’s trying to save you!)

Ever find yourself mentally spinning in circles, stuck on the song of “I gotta do this, gotta do that, gotta do everything perfectly, right now!”? It’s like our brains get caught in this loop that won’t quit. 

That, my friend, is the double team of anxiety and overwhelm dropping by for an unwelcome visit.

Here’s the deal—people like us thrive when in the thick of it. Deadlines chasing us down, emails are piling up faster than we can blink, and that relentless quest for perfection! It fuels us. 

But the rest of the story is that over 73% of us are fighting off chronic stress and anxiety. That drive we’re so proud of it can turn into our very own Frankenstein’s monster, aka overwhelm.

What do we do when faced with this? 

Traditionally, we buckle down even harder. Grit our teeth, power through that endless list of tasks, and shove any worries to the bottom of our mental backpack. But let’s face it—that whole “grin and bear it” attitude can drive us straight toward burnout.

It’s time for a new playbook. 

Consider this: overwhelm and anxiety aren’t the bad guys we’ve made them out to be. They’re more like the flashing lights on our dashboard, warning us that something’s up. 

I’ve spent 20+ years coaching high achievers and have strategies that have successfully turned those warning signals into a roadmap for success.

  • Step 1: Tune Into the Warning, Not the Worry

First, awareness. Next time that familiar wave of anxiety and overwhelm comes knocking, pause. Take a breather. Rather than drowning in emotions, get curious. What’s firing up this stress? Slowing down and identifying the trigger is half the battle.

  • Step 2: Get to the Heart of It

Think of yourself as this high-end, finely-tuned machine. You need the occasional tune-up. Dig into the “why” behind the stress. Maybe it’s a project gone Godzilla, or perhaps it’s your to-do list growing legs. Identifying the root cause gives you power—power to change the game.

  • Step 3: Map It Out

Now, with your insight, craft your strategy. If your workload ballooned, could you delegate? If deadlines are suffocating, how about a chat with your boss? Often, that sense of overwhelm comes from feeling out of control. Break your tasks into smaller chunks. Suddenly, that insurmountable peak turns into a series of hills, with a chance to catch your breath in between.

Remember, those alarms are there for a reason—to keep us running smoothly. So heed your internal warnings and reach your goals without burnout. 

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