Educational Institution

Tildet has worked with high school staff and students since 2008, as well as with specialized staff such as occupational therapists and school social workers and psychologists. She deeply enjoys helping resolve the stress that often builds in the school environments due to the following factors, and others:

  • Difficulty communicating with and reaching students
  • Dynamics with fellow staff members
  • Complicated or demanding school system requirements
  • Changes in life: peer pressures, dating, drug prevalence
  • Over-committed lives without the time or skills to let go and develop well-being
  • Academic challenges: difficult classes, and trying to advance to college

Professional Staff Development

Growthshop: Seven Simple Steps to Transform Stress into Success
We all experience stress from time to time in our lives, and we know how stress can have a negative effect on our short and long-term health, happiness, and success. Fortunately, stress management is a learnable skill. Managing stress is all about awareness and understanding of your thoughts, your feelings, and your attitude.

Participants in the Seven Simple Steps to Transform Stress into Success professional development Growthshop (“workshop”) explore different strategies to reduce stress. By implementing these strategies they will be able to lead healthier and more peaceful lives and achieve greater success at school, while drawing closer to their fellow colleagues.

Through discussion, interactive exercises, and meditation the participants explore seven crucial areas relating to self-perception, presence, and expression in their lives.

The participants will be able to use the learned skills for themselves and will also be able to teach them to their students.

Growthshops and Inspirational Talks for Students

Tildet has a BOCES/Long Island-approved Growthshop (“workshop”) named Transform Stress into Success. It has been received extremely well both by staff who have witnessed the events, and by the high school students who have participated.

In this Growthshop students learn effective strategies to manage and reduce a wide range of daily stressors.  Students are often overwhelmed with the challenges of excelling in demanding classes, being accepted socially, and participating in many activities. Due to the resulting stress, anxiety, social conflict, and depression, teens are often turning to alcohol and other drugs.

The strategies taught in this Growthshop help students increase their self-esteem and improve self-management and performance, academically and socially.

Selected Educational Institution Speaking Engagements

Commack Continuing Education
Commack High School
Long Island Specialist Group
New York City Department of Education Occupational Therapists “Share Day”
SEPTA-Special Education PTA for Commack
The Suffolk Coalition to Prevent Alcohol & Drug Dependencies, Inc.- Youth Prevention Summit;
Western Suffolk BOCES
West Islip High School

Testimonials from Educational Institutions

“I am a person who doesn’t handle stress very well, so I thought the presentation was helpful and informative. I think Tildet should come back next year because these stress exercises can improve one’s life.”
~J.P. (student)

“It actually changed my perspective on a lot of things like, what’s there to be stressed over when there are so many things to be happy about. I give 10/10 for Tildet, she was my favorite speaker.”
~M.C. (student)

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you in person how much I enjoyed your workshop last week. A couple of my students told me the next day that they’d used your 7-second stress reduction technique and it was extremely helpful to them. I thought that was a pretty solid example of your effectiveness; not only did they hear you, they remembered AND used the technique during a stressful experience. Great job!!
~M.K., L.C.S.W. (staff)

Thank you for your wonderful presentation yesterday at our Queens Occupational Therapist Share Fair! Your contribution truly made the day a meaningful experience for all who attended! It was amazing that in a room of 200 gregarious therapists, one could hear a pin drop during your meditation exercise. This was such an important experience for many of our therapists. Thank you again for your generosity and your thoughtful presentation. We hope to work with you again!
~A.C. et. al. (staff)

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