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Definition of Stress: When demands exceed capacity we experience stress.
Demands can be external or internal. We also call demands stressors.
Examples of external demands: people, events, lifestyle, divorce or marriage, too cold or hot, someone yelling at you, too much noise, death…
Examples of internal demands: worry about future, dwelling on a past event, overworking a task in your mind, thinking about negative things, fear of…, overthinking, exaggerating negative personal attribute, … Internal Stressors (thoughts) are more under our control than are external stressors.
Your Relationship with Stress
You made a commitment to try one practice to help you master your stress and to take care of yourself for the next seven days.
For more insights and strategies, download and open these:
Stress Tracker – document and recognize your stress triggers, internal reactions, and behaviors, and discover solutions
Recharge Toolkit – here are some practices you can use to handle your feelings of stress
Stress Warning Signs and Solutions – specific stress indicators, and how to better understand and handle your stress