You already know that change and challenges are inevitable in life. Do you know how to move into the light from there?

Goals and resolutions that we make for a new year are important, but they involve change and challenge.

That is why it is so valuable to study how to move from change and challenge into the light. When accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment outweigh feelings of stress in your daily life, you have started moving into the light.

It is time to free yourself from:

  • Anxiety
  • Self-doubt
  • Anger
  • Loneliness

And expand in:

  • Peace
  • Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Connection

* A Growthshop is a dynamic, experiential, and interactive live event

Make It Your Best Year Yet

Navigating Change and Challenge Into Light

Through discussions, interactive exercises, and movement, explore with Tildet how to let go of your inner blockages and live with more peace and success, and take steps toward Inner Mastery.

What most people don’t know is what happened BEFORE I became a sought-after speaker and a specialist on Inner Mastery.

I have had my own intense experiences with change and challenge. The two that impacted my life most seriously were a car accident at age 15, where one family member was killed and I was nearly paralyzed, and years later the unexpected dissolving of my 20-year marriage.

In both cases I chose to—and had to—navigate in order to find the body and mind healing that I needed so much. This led me into the practice of meditation, and studies of inner mastery with leading teachers across the country.

As I became clearer and stronger, I felt called to help others learn to navigate their own changes and challenges and move into a more fulfilled and successful life. I began offering group classes and speaking engagements and then added individual coaching as well.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with and help thousands of amazing people, and I stand poised to work with and help many more.

Now it’s your turn!

It inspires me that you want to find the meaning in the changes and challenges that arise in your life, that you are feeling called to take time to honor your own needs… that you are ready to find the value of change and challenge and live with gusto!

It is YOUR time to rise and shine!

Tildet Varon - Inner Mastery Specialist
Tildet is an inner mastery specialist with a history of inspiring, mind-opening events and talks. Join us for stimulating ideas, experiential exercises, meditations, and a welcoming community!
The most amazing, relaxing experience ever! Tildet's leadership and Reiki healing has us relaxed and at peace. We will be attending monthly.” ~ Laura D'Oria Morea
Tildet creates an environment that creates heart-to-heart dialogue. This safe space allowed me to look deeper into myself and feel more confidence in who I am and I can take my next steps forward in all areas of my life.” ~ Randi Lenahan
Thank you for giving of yourself so beautifully at last night’s meditation at the Salt Cave. It was a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience — something I badly needed! Your words, voice and your gentle touch made us all enjoy the experience! You are such a bright light encouraging us to shine our own light everyday. xo” ~ Donna Furino
It was wonderful to experience the transformations happening in the room right before our eyes.” ~ Mike Giambertone
I was inspired and enlightened. Tildet, you are a beautiful light and I am in awe of your magnificence. I know in my heart I can achieve anything and you have reassured me that we all have the ability to live our dreams and live the life we all deserve. We all have greatness within. Thank you for all you do.” ~ Tracey Giambertone

Contact Tildet!

Contact us today for a conversation on how Tildet can help you improve your well-being and success.

Contact Tildet!

Contact us today for a conversation on how Tildet can help you improve your well-being and success.