How he prioritized himself, and ease followed

A while back, a gentleman came to me for coaching whom we’ll call Bill. Bill had been having panic attacks and was so overwhelmed, he didn’t know what to do. No matter how many hours he worked, it didn’t make a difference in his “to-do” list. There was always more and more to do, and it was causing him a lot of anxiety.

As we talked, I saw that Bill had lost his focus. I told him that unless he put himself as the top priority, nothing else would get done in a satisfactory way.

What does it mean to make ourselves the top priority?


For Bill, one aspect of making himself a priority is that in the morning he does whatever he feels called to do, in order to center himself that particular day.

The morning practice that we decided on for him consists of meditation, exercise, and reading, and he emphasizes one or another of these on a given morning to match what feels is most needed.

Once he feels centered, he can look at his “to-do” list and choose to do the three most impactful items, and only those three items. The rest? He let’s them go, crosses them off or delegates them.

Just by doing those simple things to prioritize himself over everything else, Bill has doubled and then tripled his income and began ending his work day two hours earlier. He is now on the elliptical machine about 45 minutes a day and meditating daily, as well. The panic attacks and anxiety have eased off considerably.

Have you lost sight of yourself? What small change can you make when you wake up tomorrow to shift some attention back onto what’s most important—meaning you?

I want to support you in prioritizing the most important person in your life. YOU.