I never thought I would love throwing punches

“Totally relax your body, open your ribs, and pretend you have no arms and no body… now wind up and connect to the energy and swing…” BAM!


I did not know I was that strong nor that I could ever throw powerful punches.

I have been practicing Tai Chi Chuan for about 5 years now, not knowing where it will take me. The health benefits and the meditation aspect were the main reasons I wanted to learn Tai Chi. If you have met me or seen my picture you know that I would not be the best boxer given my size and my physical capabilities. Yet through Tai Chi I have also discovered how softness and awareness can overcome any force when we can tap into our authentic power.

Tai Chi Chuan in Roslyn, LI

Authentic power has its roots in the deepest parts of our being, not in the physical dominance. My understanding now is that when we pursue life thinking about power being external we tap into the lizard brain that is fear-, competition-, and survival-based. In this way of thinking our life becomes stressed, aggressive, and less authentic. Looking at the world right now economically, politically, and socially, what do we see?

On the other hand, when we align with the most authentic part of ourselves we experience a different power, one filled with meaning and purpose. It is power in harmony with life, expanding in all directions with positive energy. And yet, it can throw a very fierce punch!

What if this is the next stage of our evolution as a species?

For myself to fully embrace this consciousness, I am aware that it will require a lot of practice—and I am willing to commit to that.

As the saying goes “inch by inch it is a cinch”. And on that journey you too may find yourself loving punching!