Reflections on Paris, and what you can do now

As you and I are deeply saddened by the attacks in Paris, I want to remind you of the actions we can take right now, to make a difference and stand by the people of Paris:

Yes, continue to send your heartfelt wishes, and focus on love.

A rose on the street

Ask yourself: who can you be today to connect to peace and love? How can you expand the power of love in your life?

Give an act of kindness to a stranger. Take a moment to make eye contact with someone giving you service. Choose compassion instead of judgment. Smile to brighten someone’s day. Soak up the love of someone who believes in you.


Be love. Have love. Do love. Love has the power to heal.

It starts with you and me. We all have the power to change the world: our state of mind, attitude, and actions are affecting humanity.

That is why I am so committed to the work that I do to bring transformation to the individual; the work we do together is not only about improving our individual lives. As you live your dreams and love your life and others, you will be emanating the energies that are needed to shift consciousness in society, for the better.

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