The Force Awakens: The Hero’s Journey

You have probably heard that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is coming to the theaters in December. You may remember the famous opening text, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

Tildet speaks about meditationWhat if that galaxy is not far away, and exists within you? What if by connecting to it, you “awaken the force” within?

What if you could listen to a different voice, the voice of your true self, not the voice of your limited mind? You could embark on what Joseph Campbell calls “the hero’s journey”. The hero in this case is you, and the journey is the path of your life.

The Stars Wars epic models the hero’s journey, as seen in the first-released movie with the Luke’s and Han’s calls to action, the path to the destruction of the “Death Star”, and finally the triumphant return of the fighters. However, the remoteness of the imagery of a science fiction mythology from our own everyday lives obscures for us writer/director/producer George Lucas’ intended meaning.

What is life but a prolonged effort to find the most meaning, connection and success? Imagine living your highest and best life (with some guidance and support along the way). You can awaken “the force” through your meditation practice and other awareness practices. Meditation and awareness practices are the conduits that enable us to connect with the inspiration of our own hero’s journey. As you awaken to your true self, worry and doubts diminish, leading to a richer quality of life, for you and for those around you. We can all participate in this epic, in our own hero’s journey.