The Human Side of Business: A Human-Centric Organization


Solution for organizations to thrive in a pandemic 

COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of business, creating many opportunities for innovation as society, companies and people have the opportunity to define a new future.

How do organizations thrive in a climate like this? The answer: by becoming human-centric organizations and having human-centric leaders.

What is a human-centric organization?

A human-centric organization is a workplace with conditions that allow employees to do their best work. In a human-centric organization, people and values supporting people are the heart of the organization, and the systems and strategies are understood to be the mind of the organization. When we clearly see these two aspects, and can connect the mind and the heart of the organization to work harmoniously, we have created an environment where all human productivity can soar. People are engaged, they feel purposeful and they can do their best work.

Putting people first is rarely the focus in a shareholder or profit-driven economy. Yet it is the only reliable path to long-term success. Companies known for this ethic include Google, Wegmans, and SAS.

Human-centric organizations are led by human-centric leaders that understand that high performance in the workplace is based on self-awareness and social awareness, empowered relationships and fulfillment.

Studies show that people thrive when they are involved in meaningful jobs. Meaningful work has been associated with benefits such as greater psychological well-being, benefits that in turn can lead to greater authenticity, creativity and collaboration.

Leaders can no longer rely on traditional management techniques such as setting challenging goals, measuring by KPIs and overseeing work activities.  Success in 2021 requires “humane” approaches which recognize and address employees’ stress, needs, and aspirations. When we fulfill a person’s psychological needs, any activity can become a passionate engagement for that person.

By using a human-centric business model to create profit, productivity and output, we become future-ready. We create a workforce that is loyal and engaged, and we can often watch revenues increase organically.

By building trust with employees, embracing the diversity of goals and motivations, empowering success and building a committed team, human-centric leaders and organizations are ready for success now and in the future.

Why not form a culture in your workplace that exhibits a human-centric approach to your employees and stake-holders?

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