Three truths to live by

Last week in my live event I talked about the three truths that I live by in my life that has brought me inner peace and success. For almost all of us, these require years of practice to realize in their true meaning, and that is a process in which I am also growing.

Truth #1: Seeing life as is.
Life is as it is. Not good, not bad; not challenging, not supporting; not loving, not fearing… just is. Life is all about change, change cannot satisfy our desire therefore everything that changes brings stress. It is not life that is causing the stress it is the demands we have on life.

Truth #2: Being in harmony with life.
When our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions align with what is real, we are in harmony. Being in harmony is where we find inner and outer peace. Not for selfish desires but for the welfare of all, because that is our real nature.

Truth #3: Our life is shaped by our mind.

We become what we think about. Our mind has a bias to negativity to keep us safe so focusing on the positive at the beginning may require more effort on our part. Yet we can train our minds to focus on what we choose.

How do these truths matter in daily life?

I have observed a collective anxiety, anger, and stress in our society, and in other countries as well. We are coping with an intense amount of fear both personally and together.

Each one of us has a role in changing it. It is when we decide to face the darkness – within ourselves and the world – that we begin to see the light.

We are forced to develop a more mature consciousness that can only happen when we go deep and deal with what hurts. Who we decide to become and how we show up in the face of those challenges in our lives is connected to how the world will change in the coming years.

I invite you to decide how you want to show up at the beginning of each day. Connect to the these three truths, and connect to your full self, taking a step toward changing your world and our collective world.