A year of lock down, zoom fatigue, uncertainty may have left you feeling unmotivated, or just plain tired. You may find yourself a little in a slump at this time, or anxious without necessarily knowing why. At least I was feeling some of all of that, and wanted to share with you the practices I am doing to shift myself. I am happy to say it is working.

Here’s the deal. There are some things that you can do right now that are completely within your control to get you back on track and feel energized.

I am enjoying the approach of spring time, as it reminds me of blossoming and new growth energies emerging. But how can we create that vibrancy and resilience independent of the weather and time of year?

Creating the physical, mental and emotional energy to feel vibrant and resilient is there for you at all times to tap into. Here are some suggestions:

Find movement that moves you

I don’t know about you but I found myself moving less during this pandemic as I was sitting on too many Zoom meetings. Finally, I decided to make it a priority to move around, using onscreen dance classes as well as yoga. It has made a big difference.

Why? When you move, it changes your biochemistry, which changes how you feel, how you focus, and how motivated you are. This isn’t “woo-woo” nonsense. This is science. Creativity, passion, and clarity arise from your whole brain and body, not from just your mind. As you move you release the tension and start the flow of energy in your brain / body.

Cleanse / Detox

Cleanse / detox applies to your body, your environment and your emotions.

Body: Observe your diet. Claim your health by eating natural foods and breaking free of the grip of processed foods. Make sure you are balancing your protein, vegetables and fat. You may consider to do a detox to reset your body. And make sure you are hydrating.

Environment: Clear your space, clear your mind. If your home and workplace is cluttered there is a good chance that your head is too. Start with one drawer, one room, one shelf… at a time. Inch by inch it is a cinch.

Emotions: Choose to bring joy and gratitude to everyday life, and share those feelings. Positive emotions shared with others help us feel more energized, make better decisions, and be more effective. Creating positive experiences helps weaken the grip of negative thoughts and feelings.

Take time to connect to yourself and observe your thoughts and  find ways to accept whatever you find, as well as sharing (even by phone or email, if necessary) with others.

Recharge your “battery” throughout the day

Stress is the ultimate enemy of good energy and well-being. Throughout the day take pauses to scan your battery and recharge.

Use the Recharge Toolbox below as your guide.










You are your own energy generator, everything you need is already within you.

Energy is eternal delight.” ~William Blake

Where will you start?

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