Who are better communicators, women or men?

by Tildet Varon

While gender differences have been widely researched and certain behavioral differences observed and labeled in our society, it is not appropriate to stereotype.

The differences between each individual are far more significant than the gender-based differences. This difference between individuals applies to the capability for communication, as well.

The truth is we all need to acquire good communication skills to connect, lead, persuade — and simply to get along! Since relationships of all kinds are absolutely essential for well-being and success, we need to keep developing the ability to relate and connect constantly.

Authentic and compassionate dialogue with ourselves and others can be challenging at times.

Here is an assessment that you can take to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses during your communication process.

Based on your insights gained from taking the assessment, what is one thing (maybe even two things) you can do differently the next time you have a conversation with someone?