Do you want to live with less anxiety and stress?

You CAN experience a better life.

We lead busy lives, and often we do not know how to let go of busy and anxious thoughts, in order to truly relax. This can lead to feelings of imbalance, stress, and exhaustion.

If you want to experience more inner peace...

If you want to have more energy and success in all aspects of your life…

Join us for From Anxiety and Stress To Inner Peace and Success, a live growthshop with a choice of two sessions, starting 10am and 7pm.

It takes place in Plainview, NY on Wednesday September 26th, 2018.

In this transformational growthshop, through discussion, meditation, and stimulating interactive exercises, you discover:

  • The one easy method to feel relaxed and peaceful–no matter where you are!
  • The strategy that leads to greater success in business and personal life.
  • How to feel more in control of your mind, body, and emotions (finally!).
  • How to lower your stress dramatically… in just a few seconds

The event is led by Tildet, an inner mastery specialist with a history of exciting, mind-opening events and talks. Join us for inspiration, experiential exercises, stimulating ideas, and a welcoming community!

"Tildet creates an environment that creates heart to heart dialogue. This safe space allowed me to look deeper into myself and feel more confidence in who I am and I can take my next steps forward in all areas of my life.” – Randi Lenahan
"It was wonderful to experience the transformations happening in the room right before our eyes. The ability to communicate, to see, to hear others and yourself is truly transformational.” – Mike Giambertone

Event Details


Wednesday September 26th
10am to 12pm or 7pm to 9pm

Registration and networking start a half hour before the above times.


Residence Inn by Marriot
9 Gerhard Road
Plainview, NY 11803


$35 online payment

"I really needed to hear how important it is to recognize emotions as a feedback mechanism and not just impulsively react.” – Wendy Hodor
"Very enjoyable workshop to get you thinking about your goals and how to take action to define and achieve goals one step at a time.” – Althea Johnson
"I was inspired and enlightened. Tildet, you are a beautiful light and I am in awe of your magnificence. I know in my heart I can achieve anything and you have reassured me that we all have the ability to live our dreams and live the life we all deserve. We all have greatness within. Thank you for all you do.” – Tracey Giambertone

From anxiety and stress
to Inner Peace and Success

Live growthshop on Wednesday September 26th, 2018

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