An Essential Step: Define “Success” for Yourself

How do you define “success”?

You might look to what your parents, peers, friends and neighbors consider “success.” You may see symbols of wealth and believe that that’s what defines “success.” Or you may have a fantasy of what being “successful” is.

Look honestly at where you are now, and do so with gratitude.

It can be painful to look at where you are if you’re comparing yourself to a fantasy. But in a state of gratitude, your heart will open to the truth: that you are enough, and that you have

Once we become grateful for who we are and what we have right now, we become more present. When we become more present, we’re freer to take a step toward something new that we want to create for ourselves. The fantasy starts to dissolve.

Gratitude in your heart will allow you to accept what is, because your mind will not. Your mind will bring out the inner critic: “But you don’t have this or that! You didn’t do this, and you didn’t do that!”

How do you stop that voice from interfering and get more in touch with what your heart knows is “success”?

One way is to begin keeping a success journal.

For example, perhaps deeper connections with other people are part of what you see as “success.” What connections do you have right now? Record them in your journal.

Maybe you want a nicer home. But what can you be grateful for with your current home? Write about what your home means to you.

Perhaps you desire more freedom in your life. What freedoms do you have in this moment?

Here are some more questions you can answer in your success journal:

  • What went right today?
  • What did I do that I’m proud of?
  • What did I do that made a difference to someone today?
  • How can I celebrate myself?
  • What lessons did I learn today?
  • What could I do differently tomorrow so that I can take another step toward my own definition of success

Remember that success is a journey. You’re already on that journey, no matter where you find yourself today.

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