Video blog: Finding Balance in Everyday Life

Many people want to know how to have work-life balance. It’s a great question and one that hits my heart, because of all the struggles I have seen people experience around this issue.

As I am observing our society, unfortunately we have (mostly) become a doing society. People have a to-do list and they’re running after it and when they’re finished nobody’s feeling satisfied or happy. They just are left with more things to do, and just cannot stop the doing. And the more we do the more we want to do.

In order to find work-life balance, you really need to work on balancing your doing to your being. Taking time away from your doing and connecting to your being and allowing your being to expand is going to make you start feeling that balance. Work-life balance is the same thing as doing and being, achieving and feeling fulfillment.

As you start being aware of your doing and allowing yourself to be and start harmonizing the two, you will see that your work-life balance will organically present itself.

Try it; I know you can find it!