To Which Side of the Human Coin Are You Paying Attention?

Much like two sides of the same coin, human beings have two sides of the self: the one with the little “s,” and the one with the big “S.”

The little “s” self is the ego.

The ego is looking out for our survival, protecting us. Even though it has a bad reputation, the ego has its benefits — if you use it for what it’s designed for. The ego helps us measure our environment and determine what we need: a certain amount of food, money and so forth.

On the other side is the Self with the big “S.”

This Self wants emotional growth and love, and it is always striving and searching for it.

We cannot live a full life with just one self or the other Self. We need them both, merged and working together.

If we just meditate, for example, and try to connect to the Self, when we open our eyes and haven’t taken any action at all on our own behalf, we won’t survive. But if we don’t connect with the Self and we live almost exclusively in the ego, we’ll get burned out. Life will have no meaning for us.

What do we do?

We need to understand that we are both the physical body and the embodiment of our spirit. When we understand this oneness — this merging of the small “s” self with the big “S” Self — we will also see that they are truly inseparable.

StarsWe’re looking at the universe through telescopes and microscopes, to the vastness and to the minuscule. We’re looking at an expanded version of ourselves, and also to a very deep place inside.

As we expand this awareness, we can change our thoughts, master our emotions and choose our beliefs. To close the gap between self and Self depends on our mastery of our inner world. As we unify within, we come to realize the oneness not just within ourselves, but also with everyone else.

To which are you paying more attention right now: the self or the Self? Or both? Tell me on my Facebook page.