To resolve or not to resolve: that is the question!

Are you ready with your resolutions or are you one of the many people who have given up on resolutions because they just get the same dissatisfying results every year?

Why not approach this year a little differently?

New Year's resolutionsWhat if you focus on resolutions that harmonize with and support your truest values, instead of focusing on creating outward results? Take a moment to reflect: what would that feel like?

Maybe it is time to try a different approach.

The best order to create positive changes in your life is to use the BE, DO, HAVE model, a well-established approach toward fulfillment, in the personal growth community. That is, this year instead of thinking of what you want to do in 2016, think of who you want to be and what that means to you.

Let’s look at this with an example, one of the most popular resolutions, which is “I will start exercising!”

Old model:

DO: I will start to exercise, so
HAVE: I can feel fit, and then
BE: I can be healthy

This year change the order and use the New Model:

BE: I choose and want to take care of myself, including my physical self, as a healthy expression of self, so
DO: I exercise, and then
HAVE: My body is fit and I feel good

Learning effective resolution-setting strategies can ensure that this year will be your best year ever. That is important!